Dogs looking for foster placement

Gerald is a 7 year old chihuahua cross 

he is house trained, fully vaccinated and neutered 

gerald is not cat friendly and he can be shy when initially meeting other dogs. Ideally he would need a pet free home 

he is brilliant with children but he may find living with them constantly overwhelming so we are asking for 12+ with children 

he has had little socialising outside of the house and this presents as barking, he will require further assistance in this area 

Looking for foster

What we know -
He’s 6 now he’s amazing with kids as my partner has 5 nieces and nephews aged between 1-12. He’s amazing walking on the lead and can be good off lead once trust is built. He’s 90% of the time good with other dogs but he was attacked by another dog a couple months ago so still has him moments generally just an amazing dog. He can be left alone. We’re both heartbroken to have to give him up but unfortunately we won’t be able to provide him with the care that he needs walking and just seeing him for more than 20 minutes like it will be very soon. He is neutered ⭐️

Bella is 5 years old and is with us due to her elderly owner being unable to look after her anymore. She is under assessment 

DESTIN - looking for foster
Pet free, children 10+

Here’s what his owners say

So destin is approx 6yrs old give or take a couple of months. Vaccinated upto date. Hes been done. He needs to be on his own without other dogs as likes to be dominant. Although he would be ok with a good alpha leader like he had. He is very loving . Likes his runs in the fields. Likes to terrorise the post man. Ok around children. Likes being groomed. Loves water especially the hose pipe. No dietary issues.

Lola is looking for foster! 🥰
Children 14+
Possibly could live with a neutered male dog
Not cats

Here’s what her owner says
Lola is 4yrs old
Lola is very easy going around people but can get jealous. If you pick up another dog or young child she will try to nip.
She likes her walks but can be lazy. She is ok just chilling out. All vaccinated upto date. Loves her food eats anything you give her. She is a princess but can be very independant. She’s a very loving dog. And a new home in the country or maybe by the beach would be brilliant for them.

Rocco is looking for foster ⭐️

He is 14 months old, vaccinated and neutered

Sadly Rocco was bought as a puppy and has spent his life in an unsuitable home where he has had little to no training
He is a friendly large lump of a boy who enjoys the company of other dogs. He is big young and bolshy so could only be paired up with other dogs on his level. He still uses puppy pads in the home however is very keen to do his business outside, circumstances thus far have made this hard for him.

He suffers with no SA
He has never been cat tested
He has never shown human aggression
He does not know basic command ie sit, or have any recall. This is something and home would have to be committed to helping him learn
He has no additional health issues or special dietary requirements

Due to his size and energy level we will not be placing Rocco with any children under the age of 14.

Looking for breed savvy foster placement within Norfolk or Suffolk please 🙂

Echo has come into us due to a couple of displays of being uncomfortable around the resident children therefore his owners are being proactive and removing him from this situation to keep both echo and the children safe and happy. For this reason we will not be considering any placements with resident or visiting children under the age of 16.

Name - Echo

DOB- 3 years old

spayed/neutered- neutered

Vaccinated- yes

Dog friendly- yes

Cat friendly - yes

Child friendly- no

Any known allergies or health conditions- none known.

Can they be left for short periods on their own without being destructive- yes and is also crate trained.

Basic training- sit, stay, come, paw, lay down, up, kiss, wait. Never attempted off lead as in a busy area. Recall at home and in garden is amazing. Does not soil in the home and no destruction of home and contents.

Ideal home- no children and no small, furry animals like rabbits and chickens. He becomes fixated and we have not let him off lead to see wether it is good or bad. Cats are fine, he's grown up with two. Medium to large garden with good access to nice walks like woods or river fronts.

Any previous bite histories or extreme dislikes (non of these would affect our offer of help)
2 incidents involving children.
1) daughter came close when I was feeding him a sausage and he snapped at her face. No serious injurys, nip under the eye that bled a little.
2) non provoked echo snapped at my sons face. No injury as my son jumped back in time.
Echo dislikes the sound of hoovers and hairdyers. He will bark at these. He does not become aggressive or show any untoward actions when either is on just a lot of barking.