Dogs currently in foster

Let me introduce you to this lovely but cheeky little chap
Fezzy is 9 months old and is fully vaccinated and neutered
He is a typical terror terrier and will test the boundaries
He settles when left- but if not in his crate he will chew the sofa because he thinks it’s really funny
He needs some further lead training as also thinks it’s very funny to bark at things
At home for the most part he’s a lovely little lad but there have been a couple of times where he’s done something naughty or been told to get down and he’s decided to nip.

Fezzy needs a firm but fair handler with previous terrier experience to help guide him though correctly into adulthood (with our full support of course)

He hasn’t lived with another dog but has been to doggy daycare and always plays nicely with them, so we could explore living with another dog, no cats I’m afraid and no children.

Aboo is an American bulldog cross who is a year old 

he absolutely loves children and meeting new people 

he's a gent in the house albeit a bit daft 

fully housetrained 

Aboo is very dog reactive however due to being attacked previously so will need owners who are prepared to work around this or live very rurally where he will see few animals 

Toby came to us under a put to sleep risk, the only reason being is he is dog reactive. Of course we stepped in immediately and made the owner cancel this appointment and made emergency arrangements for him to go into one of our pet free foster placements. 

Toby is brilliant with children, housetrained and suffers with no separation anxiety. He is however dog/cat reactive. 

Toby will be heading for a full vet check this week.


Jack Russell Terrier cross chihuahua
2 years old
For most of his life he has been chucked in a crate and never socialised and now it shows, he is now showing some signs of fear aggression
He absolutely loves kids but seems petrified of men

We have had an assessment done on him this week and here’s what we know:

He is very treat motivated
He does not like men and will bark/lunge at them
Much more accepting of women, I managed to stroke him- he doesn’t like his back end being touched or his ears
He shows interest in dogs by pulling towards them but wasn’t making any noise, none came close enough to see his interactions

He needs an experienced adult only (preferably female only) that is pet free. Someone who will be firm but fair with him and will work alongside us, our guidance and our behaviourists.


6 month old Yorkshire terrier cross patterdale 

dog, and child friendly 

shows too much interest in cats and rabbits to be suitable for rehome with these unfortunately.

house trained and no signs of separation anxiety 

will be rehomed under a spay contract 



15 month male springer spaniel 

Fully vaccinated and neutered 

dog and child friendly 


breed experience is a must when applying for Ollie.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Called missy


4-5 years old

Not great with smaller dogs or cats

Loves kids (lives aged 2&3 year old)

Not spayed yet or vaccinated (this will be done in foster)

Loves new people

Really not had a great life and has had some abusive owners in the past so deserves the absolute best chance now.






Here we have Max, max was born on the 16.11.17 meaning he’s just turned 3!

He’s a German shepherd cross Labrador
He is vaccinated, currently not neutered although we will book this in ASAP 🙂
He hasn’t been around cats before
He has previously lived with children toddler age upwards so would be absolutely fine for our over 5’s rule with dog savvy children who are used to dogs of his size
He gets on with most dogs although there are a select few he doesn’t and owners are unsure why- this may be due to him not being neutered. Ideally he would need a pet free home just incase.
He is fully house trained
He can suffer with a small amount of separation anxiety in new places, and may scratch at the door. So any potential homes would have to be aware of this and it would be something that would have to be built up gradually over time



18 month old male Jack Russell cross poodle called Milo.

Milo has grown up with children and is fully house trained. He hasn’t ever seen cats, he hasn’t ever lived with other dogs but just wants to play when out and about (he hasn’t had a massive amount of socialising however so this would need working on slowly)

He does suffer with some separation anxiety at the moment so he couldn’t be left for long periods of time. We will provide ongoing support to any potential homes to assist both you and Milo in finding new coping mechanisms and working through this together.

Would suit someone who either worked from home or perhaps a retired couple who would still be keen on continuing his training.

His vaccinations are all up to date.

Roxy is currently looking for a new home, she is our longest resident at Smart Rescue Norfolk. She is 9 years young and is a lurcher standing around the same height as a greyhound. She is great with visiting children and adults, she is good with other dogs and her recall is great. She is non destructive but can only be left for short periods. She's a really lovely young lady who we have had a great time with so far. She is not cat friendly.

URGENT FOSTER NEEDED (please note only for one of these boys not the both of them)

Pet free Adult only - although no danger to kids would benefit from a quieter household
House trained
Bull mastiff cross German Shepherd
Neutered and vaccinated
Preferable previous bull breed experience
(2 years old)