Dogs currently in foster


a year old pug cross 

dog and child friendly 

suffers with mild separation anxiety so is looking for a home where owners are around for most of the time 

Crate trained and house trained 

not cat tested 

The beautiful Roscoe is joining us today.
He’s an 11 month old lab cross
Roscoe has had a chain of unsuitable homes for one reason or another and as such is a little wound up at the moment. He will be heading to our boarding kennels for a week to decompress and have a full assessment done before we begin the search for his perfect foster placement.
He is fully vaccinated and neutered.

Here we have our beautiful Bear 😍
Bear is just over a year old.
Bear will only be rehomed to a placement with breed experience and children over 10 due to his size and he can be boisterous.
He could potentially live with another dog with successful meet and greets. No cats
Bear is a young dog who needs the correct socialisation and stimulation to help him continue to be a fantastic dog, without this he will be destructive and attention seeking. He will need clear firm but fair boundaries and consistency.

No first time pet owners

This is his owners description

He’s 1 year and 5 months, he gets on well with other dogs if he knows them but it takes him a while to get comfortable with other dogs. He is almost too much for dogs as well and a lot of dogs hate his boisterous enegery. He doesn’t get on with cats. I have a 6 year old who he is good with but he is really boisterous with her so I would say bigger kids would be fine but no young ones.
Bear is such a lovely dog he’s a sweetheart but he needs constant attention and if he doesn’t get it he will be on the sides or in the bins or chewing your shoes kinda thing. He can get over tired and then he goes into a sort of ‘gremlin mode’ where he thinks it’s okay but he tries to like nip your legs, whilst barking. He has the energy of 100% day and night. He’s had a limp like his whole life, I took him to the vets, they x rayed him - couldn’t find nothing so I took him to a specialist who CT scanned him but also found nothing , he said he’s only ever known to find nothing twice on two dogs and it’s either just the way he’s been bred or in time the limp would just go. It doesn’t bother him so I’ve just got him on some natural tablets to help with joints. He is crate trained. He loves 1-1 attention.

Mimi is a 12 year old Jack Russell mix 

She is cat, dog and child friendly 

She can take a few days to readjust somewhere so any prospective adopters would need to keep this in mind 

She has a clean bill of health and is a delight to be around 

Levi is a 5 year old, neutered male

Levi is a total joy to be around and can be handled by any adult with ease. 
He is ball obsessed (although not possessive at all) and has a special trick of being able to fit multiple balls in his mouth at once 

Levi would be fine to be housed with older children 12+, but no younger as he has shown he doesn't feel comfortable around them. Please think about this if you're planning on extending the family in the next 10 years. 

Levi is happy to ignore other dogs out on walks and tends to mind his own business, he does not like large dogs coming up in his space. Levi would like a pet free home


He is clean in the house, travels well, and is just a joy to be around. 


Belgian Malinois X German Shepherd X Collie

4 years old 

Olive came into us displaying some fear aggression and her home environment becoming unsuitable for her

We have worked hard over the past couple of months helping Olive to get out of her comfort zone and on coping methods with her. 

Olive can now be handled easily by a variety of adults 

Olive much prefers females to men, although shows no aggression towards men she would rather they left her alone (unless they have food and then they're okay!)


Olive is looking for a dog savvy either single woman handler or a couple who don't have too many visitors which could easily overwhelm her. No resident pets or children please 


She is a very sweet, affectionate dog who needs someone who will allow her to decompress and settle in her own time rather than being pushed into anything. 


10 month male collie cross 



2 year old black Labrador 

Beauty sadly was subjected to some quite horrific abuse which in turn affected her mental health quite seriously. When we first collected Beauty from her kennel she displayed some quite high level fear aggression. Although had never bitten anybody she would lunge at strangers out of fear. 

Beauty has spent 4 months in our care being rehabilitated and learning to trust humans again and building back up her self confidence and we now feel we have brought her as far as we can and she now needs her forever home. 

Beauty needs a home without any children, with people who will allow her to decompress and settle in her own time and who will be patient and continue to work alongside us. She is a phenomenal dog in her own right and once her confidence builds she has every ability to make a phenomenal family pet

Beauty could live with a calm resident male dog 




Cane Corso

18 months old 

most like- Scooby Doo

A large lump weighing over 10 stone Harley is a firm favourite with all of the team

Harley doesn't quite realise her size and is torn between wanting to protect you and scaring herself with her own bark

she is a big loveable lump who requires an adult only home, Harley could potentially live with a neutered male with several successful introductions.

Zara has been with us for a few weeks now and has been recovering from some quite serious neglect and trauma. Thankfully she’s responded great to treatment and love and we are now putting the feelers out for her forever home.

We are now scheduling her spay.

Here’s a few things mentioned by her foster home:
It has now been two weeks since Zara Doggie came home with us and I wanted to give you a formal update.
She certainly is a lovely Doggie. She will be absolutely super. Everybody loves her.
No sign of malice whatsoever.
Eats and drinks well
Sleeps well at night (not in our bedroom)
Is very light on the lead
Loves to see other dogs and people.
Sleeps a lot in the day.
Skin and coat are hugely improved.
No issue with Coatex shower. She can get a bit all over the place in the car but travels very well in a crate or behind a grill.
Zara will 'sell' herself. She really is a delight.

Zara is dog friendly, but not cat friendly. She also is brilliant with children and id be comfortable with our over 5’s policy with her 🙂














18 month old male Jack Russell cross poodle called Milo.

Milo has grown up with children and is fully house trained. He hasn’t ever seen cats, he hasn’t ever lived with other dogs but just wants to play when out and about (he hasn’t had a massive amount of socialising however so this would need working on slowly)

He does suffer with some separation anxiety at the moment so he couldn’t be left for long periods of time. We will provide ongoing support to any potential homes to assist both you and Milo in finding new coping mechanisms and working through this together.

Would suit someone who either worked from home or perhaps a retired couple who would still be keen on continuing his training.

His vaccinations are all up to date.