Animals undergoing veterinary treatment (longer term)

Bella was surrendered when her elderly owner was admitted to hospital 


what they didn't disclose is that Bella needed a double entropion surgery 



*lulu has sadly passed*



Lulu is a 6 month old pug cross chihuahua 

she was surrendered to us recently due to some serious concerns regarding her health 

her owners described her as always being a 'wobbly' puppy but over the past few days had completely deteriorated and lost all strength in one side 

it was very clear that Lulu had something serious going on neurologically so upon surrender we got an urgent referral to Dick Whites specialists at Newmarket done

Lulu remains under investigation and will be under our care long term.

Here we have Maggie 

Maggie is an 8 week old french bulldog female 

She was recently surrendered to a local veterinary practice after being given away for free from a local breeder, the owners saw a free dog and didn't think for a moment that she would require such extensive veterinary treatment 

Maggie arrived with

Demodex (skin mites) 

Multiple skin conditions 

Multiple allergies 

The vets also suspect hip dysplasia 

Ear infections 

Eye infections 

The standard flead and worms 

She will also need BOAS surgery


Maggie has spent the last couple of weeks with soaring temperatures, multiple vet visits, smelly ears and pustules all over her skin which have been agonising for her 

She is still undergoing treatment to try and clear her mites and relieve her skin and requires 3 antibiotics a day, piriton, no grain, wheat, rice, or dairy in her diet, daily medicated baths and much more. 

She is however proving an extremely resilient little girl and we are all thrilled with her progress so far. 


Pablo is between 1-2 years old 

Pablo was adopted out by another rescue, upon his arrival it became apparent Pablo was in significant pain

Upon vet checks and X-rays it was clear Pablo had luxating patella in both rear legs, grade 4 by our local team 

He needed very urgent surgery and the owners couldn't afford it so he was surrendered 

Pablo has since had his first surgery on his right hind leg, he is due his second surgery in 6 weeks time before then starting six months of rehabilitation.


Theo is a 6 year old golden retriever mix who was an internal transfer from another rescue due to them being unable to fund his much needed surgery. 

When Theo arrived it very quickly became apparent how poorly he was, he was unable to weight bear at all on his back right leg, it had open sores and was bleeding along with pressure sores. He also upon X-ray showed he was missing several toes and that explained why he just had a 'pad' 


It is believed that at some point Theo has been involved in a RTC, or his leg has been caught in an animal trap of some form and it has sliced most of his foot off, where he then hasn't had the correct veterinary treatment it has tried to heal itself and has become badly infected 


Theo is having an urgent amputation of his back leg so he can start his life again pain free. 

Theo is under our care on a long term basis.


Louis was dropped at our door at the start of December after being left for over a week with a broken leg and no pain relief

The owners refused to give any explanation as to how Louis ended up with a broken leg 

Louis went in for surgery immediately and had his leg pinned in 6 places 

He has struggled with infections since having the pins placed and it was thought the operation wasn't being successful so we got a specialist orthopaedic vet referral at a different practice and they gave us some good news- he is healing! We are hoping he will be able to have his pins removed at the end of the month and he can begin his final stretch in his recovery. 


Penny is an 11 year old JRT who was handed over for free in a car park after having spent years of her life barely even existing 

She is missing all of her front teeth, our vet suspect as a result of trauma

She has pressure sores all over her body

She has one of the highest worm counts we have ever seen

She also was totally covered in oil and petrified 

Of course, not spayed either 


we are working hard to get Penny back on track and feeling fantastic again the first step was a strong worm and flea treatment.