Animals in rehabilitation

Here we have Marshall 

Marshall was handed over to us when his previous owners began to struggle with his reactions and amount of drive as he got older 

Marshall has now hit 18 months and true to teenager traits he has been allowed to be boss and in turn is presenting with some aggressive behaviour. 

Marshall is going to stay with our rehabilitation centre until he finds better ways to deal with situations he may find stressful and greets strangers a little more nicely! 

He will then be looking for a home with breed experience- more to be disclosed upon further assessments. 

Harley is a Cane Corso bitch 

She is currently in rehab working on her stranger introductions. Very true to the breed Harley loved her family and protected them with her life but could be hit and miss with who she would allow into her home. She also struggled with passing traffic and bikes. 

Once we have a better idea of what her ideal future placement will be we will update the page accordingly.